The images posted below are screen shots taken from a short movie I created for a digital project entitled “Secrets and Lies”.For this project theme, I decided I wanted to focus on visual deceptions of imagery. I wasn’t sure how I was going to show this Idea through film at first but after watching Stan Brakhages ” Dog Star Man” I felt inspired and decided I was going to create a montage of short clips that contained various optical illusions and virtual effects.Unlike Brakhage’s film however, mine does not tell a story but all the imagery is connected by a common theme.

These images show the different digital effects I used. There are three clips I created using the overlaying method in Imovie. The overlaying method is where one piece of footage is placed over another, this will cause both pieces of footage to run at the same time. I then made the footage on top more opaque so the second piece of footage can vaguely be seen underneath, the idea behind this is that one part of the footage is concealed behind the other and represents the “Secret”. The clip containing a road at night overlapping the sea and the clip containing the tree bark overlapping some water both show my intention of hiding a different piece of footage, though with the third screen shot (the reflection on a river and the shadow of some tree branches overlapped)I wanted to try and make it appear as though this was all one film rather than two separate merged films. The forth clip appears to be rain drops falling from a cloud. The raindrops are actually a special effect on my phone that I used when recording the sky, I especially like this technique as its so realistic. I also made some cinemagraphs which I felt were important in my film however I have decided not to post these as they will show up unanimated and appear as a still photograph.  



I have created this entry to write a brief account on a digital artist that I quite like. I reciently discovered David Waters portfolio and found his art very interesting. The piece of work that most appealed to me was “Telefantasy’  I have included tis image in this entry. Telefantasy depicts an Island situated in the mouth piece of a phone which has been transformed into a water feature.I really like how the artist has taken an ordinary household object and changed its function entirely to make it into a recurring fountain, combined it with the idea of the sea and an island to create a very imaginative fantasy scene.

What i especially like about this piece is the way the artist has created the water with the many different tones that give it depth and show different stages of opacity . Another aspect of David Waters work that I quite like is the way he focuses on lighting to create the atmosphere in his art and his attention to detail. Overall the work he has produced seems quite diverse, though there is a sense of individual style in his illustrations.